Creating benchmarks for Innovation and Quality

The IDA Awards has been established to create industry benchmarks for innovation and quality in the education and training domain.

Facilitating Inspiration, Knowledge-Sharing and Experience in Innovative Solutions and Practices, the IDA Awards celebrate and reward excellence in educational products, resources, and services in and among the education and training fraternity.

'IDA Awards' is a presentation of India Didactics Association, the premier trade association for the Indian education and training fraternity engaged in improving learning and teaching. Every year the award ceremony is held concurrently with Didac India, the largest exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region for educational material, training & technology based solutions for all levels and sectors of the Indian education & training industry.

The IDA Awards Ceremony is on invitation basis only and is attended by top industry leaders and education innovators, providing an evening of acknowledgement, entertainment and opportunity to network with industry peers.

IDA Awards Logo Flame

Each color of the IDA Award logo flame represents 5 evaluation criteria of the awards – Innovation, Implementation, Impact, Sustainability and Scalability

INNOVATION: New, original, path-breaking or relevance in the education & training industry

IMPLEMENTATION: Execution, application or deployment to relevant stakeholders

IMPACT: Outcome, result or impression on the education & training sector

SUSTAINABILITY: Credibility and capacity to endure the education & training domain

SCALABILITY: Ability to handle potential growth in a capable manner and ability to meet that growth

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IDA Awards is a presentation of India Didactics Association
India Didactics Association